Spiritual Writings

Samhain Spirits 

Wheel of the Year turns fields to mire.
Reapers take stock and store for rest,
‘Tween bonfires, run to protect their best,
And toss the bones upon the pyre.

Rejoice! The veil between the worlds wafts thin
Like gauze draped on the autumn breeze.
Souls whisk away to the sky as dry leaves,
And Hellhounds bay their moonlit din.

Banshees wail, turnip lanterns' light toss,
Small ‘guisers, door to door they go,
Hecate watches with her torch o’er
Her charges, as gate and road they cross.

Morrigan’s black crow wings stave the hexed,
Guiding her small soldiers seeking
Demons’ tricking and Angels’ treating.
From Otherworld, they’ll be babes Imbolc next.

© 2011 L.W.

*Trick-or-treating children are actually dead and their spirits are watched over by Hecate & Morrigan until they reincarnate 15 months later.

Imbolc Invocation and Opening

Adapted by Black Diamond from "Auguries of Innocence”,
"Hear the Voice”, and “Night” by William Blake (1757-1827)

The sun’s descending in the west,
The evening star does shine;
The birds are silent in their nest.
And that’s when you, Moon, rise from thine.

The moon, like a flower
In the heaven's high bower,
With silent delight
Sits and smiles on the night

Spirits, hear the voice of the Bard,
Who present, past, and future, sees;
Whose Ears have heard the Sacred Word
Who walks among the ancient trees;

Help us see - a world in a grain of sand,
And the heavens in a wild flower,
Let us - hold infinity in the palm of our hand,
And eternity in an hour.
Blessed be and welcome.

Opening the Circle:        

O Sun, O Sun, return!
Arise as the Night is worn,
Fallen, fallen light renew! 
From dampness of the evening dew.

Spirits, hear now, turn away!
The starry floor,
The watery shore,
Are given thee till the break of day.

Joy and woe are woven fine,
Clothing for the soul divine.
Under every grief and pine
Runs a joy with silken Twine.

It is right…, it should be so;
Human was made for joy and woe;
When this…, we rightly know,
Thro' the world we safely go.

Blessed be.  So mote it be.

© 2008 L.W.


The Great Spirit created the Moon and the Earth and all of the beings on it.
We celebrate the end of day and the beginning of night and all of the wonders of the sky.

To the East, where the wind blows…..
We call forth the Vision of the Eagle!

To the South, where the warmth grows…
We call forth the Power of the Bobcat!

To the West, where the water flows…
We call forth the Wisdom of the Wolf!

The North, where the cold wind blows…
We call forth the Strength of the Bear!

Let the celebration begin in Peace and Togetherness.

© 2004 L.W.

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