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Bug Town the Bee and the Ant Children Go to School

Once upon a time, there was a great big pumpkin patch. In the pumpkin patch grew great big orange pumpkins, which were homes for many different kinds of bugs.  Near the pumpkin patch grew other things, like huge round green watermelons and juicy red strawberries and green leafy lettuces and tall happy yellow and brown sunflowers.


 Many, many bug families lived in the pumpkin patch. There were tan, sandy ant piles filled with families of ants. There were golden papery beehives filled with families of bees. There were fuzzy black-and-white wiggle worms, beautiful shiny blue butterflies, cute red spotted ladybugs, and even mean ugly brown cockroaches.

Early in the morning as the bright pink sun came up and the sparkly stars and silver moon went to bed, the mommies and daddies in the bee and the ant families got there bee and ant children ready for school. The ant parents got their ant children dressed in their smooth shiny brown ant suits.  They fed them leaf pieces in sugar water for breakfast. The bee parents fed their bee children honey and had flower nectar to drink.  They dressed the bee children in cheery little furry yellow and black striped bee suits.
After that, the bee children flew out of their papery beehives and the ant children crawled out of their sandy ant piles. They went down the dusty brown dirt rows of the pumpkin patch, crawling over big sticky lumps of rich black soil, past rows of ripening pumpkins and squash with big prickly green leaves.  These were the homes of other kinds of bugs who were also getting ready for school. They waited in the warm yellow sunshine at the corner of the rows for the school bus to arrive.

Down the rows of the pumpkin patch rolled a great big green watermelon, which was the school bus. It had lines of holes down the sides which were the windows that the bugs crawled through to get in. Inside the school bus was an ugly mean cockroach who was the bus driver. As the kids came in, he yelled in a mean invoice, “Move on back and take your seats, and be quiet!” Then he slammed the door and bumped the watermelon bus down the rows of the pumpkin patch.

When they got to the biggest most orange pumpkin in the patch, which was the schoolhouse, the bus stopped and the bug kids were so glad to be there that they all ran out of the bus and into the school pumpkin. Waiting inside the school for them were beautiful and nice spotted and striped butterfly teachers. They were so happy to see the children. They said to them, “Come on in children we have a lot of fun projects to do today!” The bee and the ant children loved their butterfly teachers and were so excited about all the fun things we did in school.

After school was over, the bee and the ant children came out of the pumpkin schoolhouse and got back into the watermelon school bus. The ugly brown cockroach bus driver said in a mean voice, “Move on back and take your seats, and be quiet!" All of the children did as they were told so they wouldn't be yelled at again. They bus bumped down the dusty rows of the pumpkin patch to their homes. The ant kids crawled as fast as their little brown legs could go into their ant piles. The bee kids flew as fast as their little wiry wings could carry them from the watermelon bus to their beehives.

The ant and bee mommies and daddies were so glad to see their children home again. When the ant children got to the sandy ant piles, the ant parents kissed and hugged their ant children. When the bee children got to their papery beehives, the bee parents kissed and hugged there bee children. The bug kids told her parents about all the things they learned and all the fun things he did in the pumpkin school that day.

The ant parents fed their ant children some juicy red strawberries for supper and got them ready for bed. The bee parents fed their bee children some tasty pollen from the tall happy sunflowers for supper and got them ready for bed. The rosy red sun set slowly over the pumpkin patch and the sparkly white stars and silver moon came out to shine.

© 2001 LW
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  1. Cute story, Lisa :)) I showed this to my 6 year old son and he loved the idea of the bee and ant families living together, with the little ones going to school together. I hope I could be creative and make stories like you do.


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