Short Poetry: Catharsis & Others


Frisbee player with ballet dancer grace,
Painter prodigy of genius
Dali-esque lysergic acid dreamscapes
Of paisley shit
And catharsis.

The poet, bills rolled tight in a rubber band
In the pocket of his jeans,
From the sale of his last poem
Of paisley shit
And catharsis.

His poems and paintings silently purging
Writhing mental demons within,
A spewing on paper and canvas
Of paisley shit
And catharsis.

Gentle man-boy comes speaking softly, patiently,
Inquiring what I saw in him, but
Alas, I failed to speak what I saw
Of paisley shit
And catharsis.

Dusty faded memories of long gone days
Of imagined trysts and unfulfilled love;
He slipped away in the tide of time, vanished
Into paisley shit
And catharsis.

Yellow scrap of poem and photo, I hold
All that remains, no traces to find.
Only outpours of longing for him and
Of paisley shit
And catharsis.


© 2011 L.W. Revised 10/11/2011

Samhain Spirits

Wheel of the Year turns fields to mire.
Reapers take stock and store for rest,
‘Tween bonfires, run to protect their best,
And toss the bones upon the pyre.

Rejoice! The veil between the worlds wafts thin
Like gauze draped on the autumn breeze.
Souls whisk away to the sky as dry leaves,
And Hellhounds bay their moonlit din.

Banshees wail, turnip lanterns' light toss,
Small ‘guisers, door to door they go,
Hecate watches with her torch o’er
Her charges, as gate and road they cross.

Morrigan’s black crow wings stave the hexed,
Guiding her small soldiers seeking
Demons’ tricking and Angels’ treating.
From Otherworld, they’ll be babes Imbolc next.

© 2011 L.W.

Isabella       (Free Verse)

Leaning chin on nine-year old hand,
Watching me set paints and brushes out,
Matter of factly she blurted out,
"Your hair is like a waterfall."
I flashed a Mona Lisa smile,
Caught of guard by her verbal guile.

Glancing in the gilt-framed mirror, I see
Black waves welling up, cascading
From the cliff of my head, emanating
Bubbling and tumbling over
The rocks of my shoulders. Well, uh,
I smile and think of Isabella.

© 2011 L.W. Revised 10/11/2011


“Sevenling (Accepting myself)”  (Sevenling)

Accepting myself is a concept to ponder.
Four decades, I spent striving to be normal.
In the fifth, I no longer cared what others thought.

Now, tossed out on my rear and having to restart
Gives me pause to assess the dilemma
Of needing acceptance to get the job.

The solution is to find where I fit.

©2011 LW


                                                      Dominic   (Bio Poem)

Quiet, Sensitive, Intelligent, Unselfish,
Son of Lisa and Robert,
Lover of skateboarding, videography, and cats,
Who feels the thrill of a trick well-done, 

appreciation of people who help,
and kindness toward small creatures,
Who gives a shy smile, a loving hug, and a caring pat,
Who fears failure, being the center of attention, and heights,
Who would like to see success, his parents happy, and new places,
Who lives in a small neighborhood in a small city in a big state of a big country on a small planet of a small star, in a big galaxy in a big universe,
©2011 LW

Our Old Cat, Jawsy    (Limerick)

There once was a fat cat named Jawsy,
Who gobbled his food with his pawsy.
He didn’t eat slow,
And he bit off a toe.
Now, he has one fewer clawsy.
©2002 LW

             The Kite   (PatternPoems)    The Kite   (ver.   2)
 I                                                  Up
Am up                                        Sky high
And away                              A kite flies high.
Light as a breeze,                   Then it goes down
I travel                                  To the ground
With                                      & smashed
a                                             and
t                                                     c
a                                                       r
i                                                          a
l                                                        s
.                                                      h
                      ©2001 L.W.                                                                     ©2011 L.W.


                 What Am I? (Diamante Poem)

Useful, scientific,
Rises, monitors, reports,
Weather, Data, Party, Games,
Floats, bounces, pops,
Joyful, colorful,
                                                                           ©2011 L.W.


       Boy     (Haiku)

Newborn baby boy
Man in his most perfect state.
Fleeting perfection.

© 2001 L.W.
Three Sons Born      (Crosstic poem)

Baby boy,                                                               [Author's note: This is my eldest son, who
Oh how precious                                                   I always called "my Gift from God"
You are!                                                                   (not that they all aren't.)]

Baby boy,                                                  [Author's note: This is my middle son, who
Oh what a joy!                                           I hoped for and waited well over a decade
Yes, sir!                                                     to arrive.]

Baby boy,                                                   [Author's note: This is my youngest son,
Oh lucky day!                                              who was born on my own birthday.]

© 2000 L.W.

Jaguar Man (Haiku)
Jaguar man, watch him
With liquid motion he slinks
Through concrete jungles

© 2000 L.W.


Two souls and two bodies,
Forever bound by mutual attraction,
Revolve around each other as twin stars in a galaxy,
As two atoms in a molecule,
As natural as any other part of the Universe.
May we always be as such.

© 2001 L.W.

Six Loves in Six Words Each

Jon – High school crush,
       Poet artist vanished.

Jack – Drugged stupor lust;
       He used me.

Tommy – Chanced first love,
          He was another’s.

Donald – Suffered his cruelty;
         With son, escaped.

Kevin – He space; me love.
        Dumped him.

Robert – Friends first, two sons,
         Together longest.

© 2007 L.W.